Introduction To 10"x8" Large Format Photography: Limited To 2 Participants : Any Level Of Experience

January 21, 2020
DATE + TIME : TUESDAY 21ST JANUARY 8:30am - 18:00pm Everything will be provided. Bring Only Some Warm Clothes. Location : Forest Hill, South London Duration : 1 Day Workshop Is Limited To 2 People

An Introduction To Using A 10' x 8' Camera


This one day intensive workshop is designed to give those who have never had the chance to work with a 10" x 8" field camera the opportunity to have a hands on experience and to learn the techniques and processes required to get started. You will be provided with a backpack, a 10" x 8" Wilderness or Sinar camera, various lenses, a tripod, Black & White sheet film and everything else that is needed to make images in the field. Throughout the day there will be lots of opportunity to discuss artistic approaches, your photographic project ideas, equipment, photographers and artists who use 10" x 8" cameras and lots of other useful information.



We will meet at Paul's studio at around 8.30am. After some tea you will be presented with your camera package. After a quick going over the camera and pack we will head straight out to a nearby location where we will spend 3 - 4 hours shooting landscapes with the Wilderness camera and a Sinar F 10" x 8" camera during which you will learn about camera movements and exposure etc. We will then head back to Paul's studio where you will be shown how you can easily and cheaply process your film. Your film will then be hung up to dry over lunch.


Lunch will be provided at Paul’s studio.



After lunch we will drum scan your film using the the Heidelberg Tango Drum scanner. Your digital files will then be loaded into Photoshop and you will retouch and balance the images and make them print ready. Don't worry if you have never used Photoshop as Paul will guide you through the process. You will then output your images using archival inks onto the beautiful Hahnemuhle Photo Rag paper ready to be framed.

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An Introduction To 10"x8" Photography
Introduction To 10"x8" Large Format Photography
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